Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Organization Type: Animals & Environment
Address: Suite 300, 160 John St, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2E5
Contact: Angela Bischoff
Website: http://cleanairalliance.org

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Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) is a non-profit environmental organization working for a 100% renewable electricity system. We’re motivated by concern around climate change as well as high electricity rates.

We successfully led the campaign to phase-out the use of dirty coal power in Ontario. Now the OCAA is working to move Ontario to a 100% renewable electricity system by investing in conservation, wind and solar, and by importing water power from Quebec to replace our high-cost nuclear reactors and high-emission gas plants.

We’re in need of volunteers across the province to distribute our campaign leaflets in mailboxes in their neighbourhoods.


Volunteers must be able to walk up and down porches.


As we are a non-profit organization, these hours are eligible for volunteer hours at school as well as community service.

Health and Safety

This is a contact-less volunteer activity. Communication happens via email or phone. A box of leaflets and a map will be mailed to you via Canada Post. Volunteers distribute the leaflets in mailboxes without contact with residents, on their own time.

Ontario Clean Air Alliance’s Volunteer Opportunities

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Suite 300, 160 John St, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2E5

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