Organization Type: Other Nonprofit
Address: Simcoe Street, London, Ontario N6B1J4
Contact: Mark Thomas

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At Say-Hello, we believe in the transformative power of a simple hello. Our not-for-profit initiative is dedicated to fostering connections and promoting mental well-being through impactful gestures. Founded with a vision to combat social isolation, Say-Hello encourages human-to-human contact in any language. Our approach is simple – encourage, educate, and build connections, starting with a hello. Join us on this journey towards a more connected and compassionate world. Say-Hello today, and let’s ignite conversations that matter.

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The million little things that drop into your hands The small opportunities each day brings He leaves us free to use or abuse And goes unchanging along His silent way.
Helen Keller

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Simcoe Street, London, Ontario N6B1J4

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